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Great tutorial by Gosia Suchodolska, shows how to make a realistic cake "yeast" of modeling clay.
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Przygotowaliśmy ofertę wakacyjną dla dzieci, które spędzają lato w mieście lub przyjadą do stolicy aby poznać zabytki i muzea Warszawy. Wśród letnich wycieczek nie może zabraknąć wizyty w naszym niezwykłym, tajemniczym i inspirującym Muzeum!
domek dla barbie
domki dla lalki Barbie

Dziś ogłaszamy listę autorów nagrodzonych i wyróżnionych prac. Oficjalne ogłoszenie wyników już 1 czerwca o 12:00 w Muzeum Domków dla Lalek w Warszawie!
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MÓJ WYMARZONY DOMEK DLA LALEK! Zapraszamy dzieci i młodzież w wieku 6 - 16 lat do przesyłania swoich prac plastycznych!
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I created Belle Époque web page in 2007 willing to share my passion and knowledge about vintage dollhouses which I had been collecting and restoring for more than ten years. and which I have already gathered nearly a hundred.

From numerous e-mails and letters that I have been receiving I know that the site has inspired many of you to build, decorate and collect dollhouses. I would like to take the chance and thank you one more time for all the kind words that I have heard from you - both in written form as well as in person at my exhibitions.

After a decade of my adventure with dollhouses; a decade filled with organization of exhibitions and workshops, I decided to go one step further and set up a Foundation Belle Époque, whose aim is to establish and run a museum of dollhouses to popuularize this extraordinary, yet still little known passion in Poland.

Along with several amazing people working for the Foundation we hope that, from 1st. June 2016, with your help, we will be able to open a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Dollhouses in Warsaw - a place unique for this part of Europe. A place where you will be seduced by the charm of old dollhouses and roomboxes.

Aneta Popiel-Machnicka I also hope that from now on not only the Internet site but also other activities of the Foundation will encourage you to spend time creatively discovering how much fun and satisfaction we and our relatives can derive from making something. Even if it is something as teeny tiny ...

Aneta Popiel-Machnicka
President of Belle Époque


Why was it created?
The organization was founded to promote knowledge and awareness of the role of toys and games in the history of civilization, with particular emphasis on dollhouses and miniatures being a document of the old times, an aboundand field of arts and crafts, a cultural social, and educational phenomenon.

The role of the Foundation and the Museum, in addition to the educational and exhibiting activities, will be related to the protection and conservation of vintage toys - especially Polish - representing our cultural and national heritage. An important role will also be the promotion of creativity and around-toy crafts as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts in the subject, collectors and enthusiasts and the audience.

Who works for the Foundation?
The originator and founder of Belle Epoque is Aneta Popiel-Machnicka, a collector and restaurateur of vintage dollhouses, the precursor in spreading the passion in Poland, the author of several thematic exhibitions and workshops dedicated to vintage dollhouses.

The Management Board and the Foundation consists of people associated with the widely understood about-dollhouse themes; artists, architects, interior designers and graphic designers.

What is the statute of the Foundation?
The statutory objectives of the Foundation are initiating, creating, supporting and facilitating of all activities related to the development of artistic creativity and the promotion of culture, art and tourism, through the organization and support of social, educational and economic development of culture.

The appropriate minister due to the character and objectives of the Foundation is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

We encourage you to read the full record of the Statute of the Foundation.

Why dollhouses?
We happen to live in an era of rapid and mindless consumerism. Fortunately, more and more people recognize how important in this fast-paced world it is to have a real, deep awareness of yourself, your dreams and desires. How important it is to be able to build a bond between generations, to trace back the history of our own family and to strengthen its distinctive individual traditions. And finally to know how to cherish our own memories and have a real impact on the memories of people important to us.

Dollhouses are perfect for the task - they stimulate creative and sometimes surprising ideas, combine elements of past and present, encourage cooperation in a group - family, friends, and classmates.

Basing on many years of experience we can have confidence that the activities of the Foundation and the Museum will become for many people a kind of discovery and inspiration, that the magic of vintage dollhouseswill encourage creativity - both in children and adults. And that thanks to the inspiration that comes from the exhibitions or workshops, new dollhouses will be built and passed from generation to generation becoming a long-lived family memorial and giving their builders a great joy and satisfaction of creation.

Well, let's say it directly - it is never too late to fulfill a childhood dream, is it?


We would like to encourage all of you interested in creating and collecting dollhouses and miniatures to contact us and support our initiative of creating the Warsaw Museum of Dollhouses.

Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa

KRS 0000564993
NIP 7010503893
REGON 362322507

Account number PLN
83 1750 0012 0000 0000 3079 3781
No account EUR (deposit rates)

30 1750 0012 0000 0000 3106 7693



We would like to thank all those who helped make this website, in particular Ania Gauvin, who put a lot of, a lot of heart, enthusiasm and time in its construction. Ann, thank you :)

MARIUSZ MAKOWSKI, who provides impecable IT service!

We are also greatful to those who are always ready to support us with professional advice and assistance (which especially in the procedures for establishing the Foundation was invaluable!) - In particular Bożenka Donnerstag, Agnieszka Wlazeł, Jarek Góralczyk, Paulina and Mariusz Milewski, Ani Krotiuk, Dorota Kaczynski, Beata Zmyslowski, Waldemar Lenczewski, Gosia Suchodolska - you are invaluable! Thank you again :) Thank you again :)
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MUZEUM DOMKÓW DLA LALEK - niezwykłe miejsce w samym centrum Warszawy, w tajemniczych, niedostępnych dotąd dla zwiedzających wnętrzach Pałacu Kultury i Nauki już rozpoczęło swoją działalność.
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